Jewellery Care

How to care for Argentium Silver jewelry

Maintaining Shine

  • To maintain the shine and lustre of Argentium silver simply wipe away any dust or finger marks with a soft cloth, or—for more intricate pieces—wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and dry immediately with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.
  • An occasional wipe with a clean silver polishing cloth (or polishing pad) will help to protect Argentium silver from finger marks and everyday dirt and grime.

Storing your Argentium Jewellery

It is best to store Argentium individually in a soft cloth or plastic pouch, or jewelry box. This will further minimize the chance of your jewelry tarnishing, and prevents it from getting scratched. 

You should not allow your Argentium Sterling Silver jewelry to touch against regular sterling silver during storage. There is something about Standard Sterling that does cause Argentium to tarnish badly. 

Also (weird but true), you should not store your Argentium near rubber bands. Sulphur is used in the making of rubber bands, and the residual sulphur present is enough to cause the Argentium to tarnish too. Just keep it in its own little pouch or box and you’ll be fine.

Please Avoid

  • Avoid using coarse, contaminated, or old cloths as they may impair the surface lustre of Argentium silver.
  • Do not use 'dip' polishes or electrolytic cleaning processes with Argentium silver.
  • Just the same as other precious metals, it is recommended to remove Argentium silver jewelry before entering chlorinated or salt-water swimming baths/jacuzzis and before carrying out practices where Argentium could come into contact with chemicals.
  • Do not rinse Argentium silver with deionized/reverse osmosis water—the water is very reactive and can diminish the tarnish resistance of finished items.
  • Electrolytic cleaning and steam cleaning should not be used with Argentium silver. These cleaning processes can strip the protective germanium oxide protection from the surface and diminish the tarnish resistance of finished items.

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